Climate Change & Oceans Preservation

Brussels, Tuesday 19 February 2019


Thank you very much for your participation in the conference « Climate Change & Oceans Preservation » of February 19th in Brussels and your involvement with the preservation of the oceans and with climate actions. 

More than 30 countries and many interested parties have already signed the Brussels Declaration “The Ocean and Climate Change”. If you still want to sign the declaration, please send a message to

The pictures of the conference are on the website of the FPS Health documents are coming soon.

Best regards,

Minister Marie Christine Marghem and Minister Philippe De Backer


The impact of climate change on the oceans and marine environment poses major challenges. Researchers are sounding the alarm. Even with the most stringent emission reductions, global sea level will rise dramatically, disrupting life on land and in the seas. To meet what is probably the greatest challenge of this century, Belgium is organising the international conference Climate Change and Oceans Preservation in Brussels on Tuesday 19 February 2019. This conference will not only take stock of current issues but will also give countries, sectors and organizations the opportunity to sign the Brussels Declaration and thus reaffirm their commitment to future generations.

A joint initiative of the federal ministers in charge of the environment

and the North Sea.

Marie Christine Marghem, Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
Philippe De Backer, Minister of the North Sea


Conference Programme

Practical information